You're confused about all the nutrition information out there and want the straight goods from a 20-year health and fitness expert.

You need to push reset. Full stop. Summer indulging has got you feeling puffy, tired and foggy (< that's me).

A detox appeals to you but you're not down with fasting or going hungry. Me neither. You won't go hungry, I promise. The program is chock full of delicious, nutritious and filling FOOD.

Your digestion is a mess and you want the best tips out there to start getting that tummy sorted out! Eliminating certain foods is often helpful, but learning about your digestive system and how to pamper it is key to a happy tummy.

You're stressed to the max and don't know where to start. Putting your health first is the best form of self-care and I'll load you up with all my self-care hacks and tried-and-tested secrets to zen-like adrenal glands.

You and your family are sick. All.The.Time. Learn from this mother of 3 who's been through all the sick, all the time and has figured out the way to thriving.

Introducing Get Nourished.

A detox program like no other.

Some of the most common complaints I see in practice are low energy, poor sleep, digestive issues, skin problems, hormone imbalance and brain fog.

The most common root causes of these issues are impaired detoxification, inflammation, nutrient deficiencies and poor food choices. This program provides the foundational diet and lifestyle strategies that address these shortcomings and translate into immediate and lasting benefits like:

Clearer skin

More energy

5-10 lbs of weight loss

Better sleep

More balanced hormones

Increased focus and concentration

Fewer cravings

What does the program entail?

Get Nourished Detox is just that: we’ll get nourished by avoiding some common road-blocks to feeling fabulous, like sugar, dairy and alcohol while consuming vitamin-rich veggies, gluten-free grains and clean meats. I’ll guide you through the entire 21 days with beautifully laid-out and carefully curated meal plans.

How is the program delivered?

~ 4 Live Weekly Webinars - includes recordings for lifetime, on-demand access

~ Printable Get Nourished Detox Manual & Notebook

~ NEW - 3 weeks of Beautiful Meal Plans - includes itemized grocery lists, organized prep guides and carefully curated recipe books

~ Exclusive Access to Private Facebook Group - for community support and accountability

Weekly Webinar Details

Each week, we'll delve into a different area of health in order to learn the keys to living a healthy and balanced life. Webinars will take place live on the private Facebook page and will be available for future viewing. Follow along with the group or watch at your own pace, all without leaving the house.  


Wednesday Sept 18th, 8pm EST

What We’ll Cover:

Why We Detox

Detox Preparation, Planning & Strategies

Goals and intention setting

How to optimize detox for hormone balance

Lifestyle strategies to up-regulate the detox process

Expected Outcomes:

A deeper understanding and appreciation for our body’s detox capability, how it’s affecting your monthly cycle

How to Detox Safely and Effectively

milada-vigerova-78084-unsplash (1).jpg

Tuesday Sept 24th, 8pm EST

What We’ll Cover:

The Dirt on Digestion

Demystifying terms like "the Microbiome" and "Leaky Gut"

The connections between Digestion & the Immune System; Digestions & Mental Health

My Top Tips and Tricks for Digestive Bliss

Expected Outcomes:

An understanding of how the digestive system works, where things go awry and how to go about addressing common digestive issues

Digestive Bliss


Tuesday Oct 1st, 8pm EST

What We’ll Cover:

Immunity 101

My top tips for Cold and Flu prevention

Beyond the Common Cold: Cancer, Autoimmunity & Digestive Health

Expected outcomes:

Fewer sick days for you and your family

Working knowledge of why the immune system is so sacred and protective

Less reliance on medication for illness


Wednesday Oct 8th, 8pm EST

What We’ll Cover:

The Small But MIGHTY Adrenal Glands – what on earth are they and why do we care about them?

Signs of Adrenal Fatigue and How to Heal

Adrenal Health & Menopause

Beyond Self-Care & Down with Mom Guilt!

Expected Outcomes:

An understanding of what the adrenals are, how they influence how we feel now and as we approach menopause

What is adrenal fatigue and what to do about it

Less mom-guilt and an appreciation of why taking care of yourself first is paramount to a thriving family


I’m Dr. Wright, ND. I cultivate thriving families. I’m a Naturopathic Doctor, mother of 3 and household engineer. My family and I have had highs, and lows. I had 2 of my 3 children during med school where I struggled with serious overwhelm, and through that I learned not only how to survive, but how to thrive. It started with taking care of myself. As mothers, we carry the weight of it all and when we aren’t well and happy, nobody’s at their best. I want to teach you what I’ve learned, and the quickest road to getting here.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What if I’m not available to watch the weekly webinars?

    • No problem. The webinars are recorded and available to watch anytime via the Facebook group.

  • Which foods do I have to avoid?

    • Gluten, dairy, alcohol, caffeine and sugar. It’s only 21 days. You can do it. The community and I will be right there with you.

  • Will I have to make separate meals for the rest of my family?

    • Absolutely not. The meals in the program are on regular rotation in my house and are, for the most part, kid-approved. Teaching kids to eat healthy is just as important as eating well yourself, and starting them young is key.

  • Can I have a personalized detox plan?

    • Of course. I recommend that each participant sit down with me, one-on-one so that we can review your health history & goals, and lay out a personalized detox program. Choose the “Enhanced” program.

  • I don’t live in Toronto. Can I still participate in the program?

    • Absolutely. One can participate from anywhere in the world! Webinars can be viewed live or on-demand immediately after they are recorded. The only thing you won’t be able to take advantage of is the one-on-one consultations with Dr. Wright, ND.

  • Will I be hungry during the program?

    • Nope! Gettin’ nourished is our goal so as long as you plan ahead, eat well-rounded meals (I’ll teach you how) and keep healthy snacks on hand, you should never be hungry.

  • Dr. Wright is already my practitioner. Is it necessary to participate in the program?

    • I wish I had all the time in the world in your visits to explain all the health concepts that you’ll learn in this program, however it’s much more financially feasible to do this as a group. I can absolutely walk you through the detox on your own but you’ll miss out on the community and accountability of the group (which helps with compliance!) and get a much more in depth understanding of the concepts. I highly recommended each and every one of my patients participate in the group program. Choose the Enhanced Detox option and take advantage of special pricing since you’ve already invested in your health by doing an assessment with me! Book yourself in a for a 30 minute visit before Sept 20th so that I can set you up for the program.


Classic Detox - gimme the straight goods

Program Materials, Facebook Group Access & Weekly Webinars

$159.00 (+ HST)


Enhanced Detox - let’s take it up a notch

Detox Materials, Facebook Group Access & Weekly Webinars $119.00 + HST ($159 VALUE!)

90 min Health Assessment & Goal Setting Session (IN-PERSON at Still Water Therapies 882 Kingston Road, Toronto) $245*

30 min Post-Detox Debrief Session (in-person OR over the phone) $110*

Individualize the Program by adding a Customized Blend of Botanicals and/or Nutraceuticals** for More Individualized Results

*Cost of Visits qualify for reimbursement from health insurance providers, if available. **Cost of supplements not included.

*Current patients choose this option and book a 30 min consult by on or before Sept 20th. If it’s been more than 6 months since your last visit please book 45 mins.

What do past participants have to say? 

I did my first spring cleanse 2 years ago with Shivaune and it was the best thing I’ve ever done for my health!
I won’t lie, the first few days were tough as my body reacted to missing the sugar and caffeine, and I don’t even drink coffee, but after that the overall change was incredible! Not only did I feel better internally, I slept better, I had more energy and generally was happier. Shivaune was extremely supportive and the experience changed my life and health for the better.
— J. Torres
The detox program changed my eating habits and lifestyle dramatically. I have never felt healthier and stronger. I still incorporate the recipes daily and am so grateful for Shivaune’s guidance and knowledge.
— Amanda W.
Shivaune’s detox program was the kickstart I needed to regain control over my eating habits. It’s much easier to break bad habits and introduce good ones with Shivaune’s guidance and the support of our group. I would never have been able to do it alone!
— Adrienne G.
Reluctantly I committed to a 3 week detox program run by Shivaune, my daughter, a few years ago. I was not convinced I needed it and didn’t really want to sacrifice my comfortable eating habits. Let’s just say, I didn’t enter into it graciously.
Once over the initial hump, with appropriately clean food in the fridge, I figured ok, let’s give this a fair shot. With Shivaune’s support & knowledge I discovered a new batch of clean recipes that are both delicious and satisfying, some of which are still in regular rotation. I never felt hungry. I lost weight, felt lighter and had more energy. More importantly, it helped “reset” some less than ideal eating habits which tend to slide off the rails. I now believe it’s something we should all do, once or twice a year.
Definitely a worthwhile investment in ones health and wellbeing.
— Fiona W.